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Does everyone see a past life?

Does everyone see a past life?

During the session, your subconscious or higher self, will choose the most appropriate experience for you to explore. This can be a past life, your present life, a future life or whatever you need to be shown to help you understand the events and situations you’ve faced in your life.

Many clients observe a blend of past and present life encounters, while some venture into the future and beyond. The “beyond” could encompass energy realms, outer planetary experiences, or whatever you’re prepared to explore.

Each session is unique to you; therefore, we ask that you let go of expectations and have an open mind and heart.

Are you looking forward to learning more about yourself and having an exciting journey? Wondering if a QHHT session is right for you? I’ll be here to guide you, answer your questions and facilitate a special and private experience. Get ready to explore, believe, let go, and receive on your journey!