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Are there limitations to the Questions?

Are there limitations to the Questions?

There are no limitations to the questions or the amount of questions you can ask. I had one client who had 40 questions and we addressed every single one of them. Whatever you want to ask you can ask. Do not hold back. This is your chance to find clarity and answers without any judgment. It is helpful for me if you categorize them for easy reference. Here are some examples which will help guide you:

  1. Physical
    a) What is the biggest lesson for me to learn in being sick these past 2 years?
    b) Will I make a full recovery from my disease/illness?
    c) What triggered my gut issues?
    d) How can I feel safe in my body again?
    e) My left pinky is in so much pain? Can we address that?
    f) Can we heal my incontinence issue?
    g) How can I cure my constipation?
    h) My neck and shoulder are always so tight?
    i) Can we check all of my organs?
    j) How do I lose my stubborn weight?
    k) What can I do to sleep soundly at night?
    l) When can I get off of my anti-depressants?
    m) Can we decalcification my brain?
  1. Emotional
    a) How can I love my body again?
    b) How can I heal my imposter syndrome? Why do I have so much self doubt?
    c) How can I forgive the past?
    d) Can we resolve any resentment and anger I hold in my body?
    e) Where does my anger come from?
    f) Why was I abused as a child?
    g) Why did I have to go through so much trauma in my life? Can we heal that?
    h) How can I keep moving forward?
    i) Why am I so stressed out all of the time?
    j) Why do I struggle with addiction?
  1. Spiritual
    a) Can I see my guardian angels?
    b) Is this all part of my soul plan?
    c) What is my souls purpose?
    d) Am I being guided and how can I hear, see, feel them more clearly?
    e) Am I where I need to be?
    f) Can we balance my chakras? And activate my third eye.
    g) Can we send love to all the cells of my body?
    h) How can I secure my relationship with God?
    i) What is the best way for me to manifest?
    j) What are my gifts and abilities and how can I share them best?
  1. Career / money
    a) Why do I freeze when it comes to productivity?
    b) Will getting my masters degree put me in a better place?
    c) I am so tired of my job should I quit?
    d) What is holding me back from achieving financial freedom?
    e) Which business should I start first?
    f) Are my current business partners the right people to get me to where I want to be?
    g) Will I be able to retire? How can I work smarter?
    h) Why am I finding it so difficult to get back to work?
    i) How can I make more money doing what I love?
  1. Relationships (Self and Others)
    a) How can I build a strong relationship with myself?
    b) What are the parts of me I need to forgive?
    c) How can I reopen my heart?
    d) Why do I always choose the wrong people to love?
    e) Why am I still thinking about him even after all of these years?
    f) How can I have a better relationship with my wife?
    g) How can I support my partner and encourage them?
    h) Should I stay with the person I am dating?
  1. Family/children/spouse
    a) My partner is having a difficult time losing weight, how can I assist?
    b) Why does my mother trigger me?
    c) Will my daughter ever forgive me for leaving her father?
    d) Can we release any trauma my son experienced from being bullied?
    e) How can I help my daughter with her confidence?
    f) Can I help my mother with her arthritis?
    g) How can I help my family without causing too much stress on my marriage?
    h) My son has pain in his heels from a growth spurt, can we relieve that pain?
  1. Curiosity
    a) How old is my soul?
    b) I have always loved Japan, did I ever have a lifetime there?
    c) Why am I so fascinated with Jesus and his life?
    d) When I was a child I would see these white figures in my room, what were they?
    e) Was what I dreamt real? And what did it all mean?
    f) Did I know my current family members in any past lives?
    g) How many past lives have I had?
    h) Who are my guides and guardian angels?

Are you looking forward to learning more about yourself and having an exciting journey? Wondering if a QHHT session is right for you? I’ll be here to guide you, answer your questions and facilitate a special and private experience. Get ready to explore, believe, let go, and receive on your journey!