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What to expect and how to prepare for your Session?

Disclaimer: Each session is unique and different, no one is ever the same. Let go of any and all expectations, have an open mind and heart. Believe, Allow and Receive!

Reflect on your life and compile a list of questions you would like to ask yourself. Ranging from Physical (health issues, aches, pains, discomfort), Emotional (traumas, fears, resentments, anger, limiting beliefs about yourself), Relationships (family, partners, self, children), Career (work, self-cultivation), Spiritual (life goals, dreams, curiosity questions, dissolving soul contracts and even life purpose). Anything you are seeking clarity on, want to release, heal, and manifest. Additionally, you can help and ask questions for your children, family and friends. There are no limitations to what you can ask.

All sessions are confidential and private. We are together for 4-6 hours, we discuss your life, goals, and prepared questions for the session for about two hours or more. It allows me to know exactly how to facilitate and guide you once you are under a relaxed state. You will then be gently guided into a deep theta brainwave, a dream like state, hypnosis, where you are super relaxed and able to let things come through clearly… This state occurs naturally in your daily life twice a day, right before falling asleep and just before waking up.

During the session, your subconscious or higher self, will select the most appropriate experience for you to explore, it can be a past life, your current life, future life or whatever you need to be shown to help you comprehend the events and situations you have encountered in your life. We then go over your questions and do any healings that are needed. You are in this relaxed state until all questions are answered.

The session is audio recorded and emailed to you. You have 3 days for healing to continue taking place. It is highly recommended you listen to your recording during this time to get the full benefits of the session. In fact, the more you listen to the session the greater healings and clarity you receive.

After your session it is important to drink water, eat a healthy meal to ground yourself, keep an open schedule, refrain from alcohol or any strenuous activities.

Are you looking forward to learning more about yourself and having an exciting journey? Wondering if a QHHT session is right for you? I’ll be here to guide you, answer your questions and facilitate a special and private experience. Get ready to explore, believe, let go, and receive on your journey!